What sets School of Essentria apart from other aromatherapy courses?

❤ We are run by three certified professionals.  

🧡 We offer our course online with everything you need to become certified, no need to buy extra books for the course.  

💛 Our course content is available for life, so as science changes our curriculum will be updated.

💚 We integrated education we learned from Aromatic Medicine practitioners, herbalists, chemists and traditional aromatherapists.

💙 Our instructors have over 54 years of combined teaching experience.  And we bring over 15 years of combined aromatherapy experience.

💜 All our oil profiles present emotional and subtle aromatherapy applications in addition to the physiological benefits.

🖤 We provide a brand-neutral learning platform that supports informed choice so everyone is welcome.

❤ If certification is the goal, you have two years to complete our program.

🧡 We are an International school and we have students from all over the world.  This opens up great conversations around practices in different countries and allows our students to connect with like minds abroad.

💛 We offer a unique business section in our course that provides great resources and support to actually get a business launched.  Plus we will be launching some business courses that will help any business with branding, launching and marketing.

💙 We offer an affiliate reward system to everyone, as a special thanks for supporting us.

....to name a few 😉

What is the price advantage at School of Essentria?

  • All pricing is in Canadian Funds (CAD)

  • We are brand neutral and invite all those interested in learning regardless of brand preference

  • No taxes on school courses

  • There are no additional textbooks required in order to complete the course.

  • What you see is what you pay

  • We value student success over high-profit margins, so our prices will remain competitive and some of the lowest in the industry

  • We offer a diverse set of courses with opportunities to expand your business and holistic knowledge from experienced trained professionals, a one-stop aromatherapy school

  • You will be supported by 3 fully accredited and recognized professional aromatherapy instructors, we do not outsource our business to contractors

  • Purchase the Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Bundle and save 25% everyday!

Will I be a Clinical Aromatherapist when I graduate?

If you want to be a clinical aromatherapist please ensure you sign up for the Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Course. Upon successful completion you will be recognized by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) & the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and considered a clinical aromatherapist.

Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) will allow you to use the title: Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional® (CAHP®)

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) will allow you to use the title: Level 3: NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist®

School of Essentria offers other courses where you can be considered a: Level 1: NAHA Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist® ®

Who are the Instructors at School of Essentria?

Click here to learn more about the three instructors: Rachael Dean, Nikki Fraser and Rhonda Greenbury. Combined amongst the three of us we have taught hundreds of people how to use Essential Oils safely, have thousands of hours of training and either currently practice or have previously practiced in a clinical practice as well.

How long till I am Certified?

You have two years to complete your courses from the day you join us! Many will complete it within 1 year, some have completed within 6 months.

301: Clinical Aromatherapy Certification - Module 1 - Essential Oils - 325 hours

101, 201 or 301: Anatomy & Physiology - Module 2 - 100 hours

101 - Foundation of Aromatherapy - 50 hours

101WA - Foundation of Aromatherapy for Wellness Advocates - 55 hours

Do I have to take an exam?

Yes there will be a final exam administered by the CFA for all Clinical Aromatherapy students and overseen by School of Essentria for an additional fee. They are currently in the process of moving the exam online vs. hardcopy format.

There are quizzes throughout your course to prepare you for the final exam and when you are ready we will provide you with a study guide as well!

Why do I want to take a course that is recognized by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) and The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)?

Credibility in the holistic world. You will be meeting a high standard of ethical and safety guidelines.

Are Essential Oils provided with the course material?

No, we find most students have already started to learn about essential oils prior to joining us and have some on hand to get started while they learn and grow their collection.

Do I need to take the Anatomy & Physiology Course if I already have training?

Yes, it is a requirement for the CFA National Exam. However, if you are a certified health professionals (example: Doctor, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Nurse, RMT, Reflexologist etc) that has already completed extensive Anatomy and Physiology courses please contact us, we have a special course category for health professionals.

NOTE: You will be required to provide us with verification of your credentials (100 hours anatomy & physiology training) so please consider sending this to us at the same time you email us to save time! info@schoolofessentria.com

Refund Policy

A student may cancel their registration within 48 hours of purchase, and be eligible for a refund of tuition minus 10% to cover administrative fees. If bonus materials were provided, refund request will be honoured less the value of the bonus material. If you have any questions regarding our refund policy please reach out to us. info@schoolofessentria.com

Contact Us

The easiest way to contact us is through email. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. info@schoolofessentria.com